Calculate Education Loan EMI

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  • What is Education Loan Calculator?

    Money9 Education Loan calculator can help you to calculate the Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) that will be accrued on a your education loan. One can either spend long hours to manually calculate EMIs for different loan options using the convention mathematical formula or get it done within seconds using the Education Loan Calculator. The accuracy of this digital tool is unmatched and will let you compare various loan options by giving the estimated EMI figures for each one of them with a single click. To calculate the EMI for a loan of your choice, enter the principal amount, loan tenure and rate of interest. Within seconds, you have the detailed EMI break up available. This tool helps the student decide on a particular education loan after cross checking multiple options and matching with their financial needs.

  • Factors that affect Education Loan EMI?

    An education loan is a necessity in today’s day and age. The inflation rate in addition to other social-economic factors have massively contributed to the rising cost of higher education in India and abroad. In such scenarios, most people opt for education loans to enrol for courses out of their financial budget. These loans cover the course fee, accommodation charges and other miscellaneous expenses. Several factors come in to the picture while choosing an education loan. This includes academic record of the student, course you pursue, collateral provided, personal income and credit history among others. Meanwhile the EMI calculation depends on the principal amount, tenure, and the rate of interest. A change in either of these three impact the final EMI chargeable each month. The repayment amount also changes if either of these figures are altered.