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  • What is Education Loan Calculator?

    Money9 Education Loan calculator can help you to calculate the Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) that will be accrued on a your education loan. One can either spend long hours to manually calculate EMIs for different loan options using the convention mathematical formula or get it done within seconds using the Education Loan Calculator. The accuracy of this digital tool is unmatched and will let you compare various loan options by giving the estimated EMI figures for each one of them with a single click. To calculate the EMI for a loan of your choice, enter the principal amount, loan tenure and rate of interest. Within seconds, you have the detailed EMI break up available. This tool helps the student decide on a particular education loan after cross checking multiple options and matching with their financial needs.

  • How to use Education Loan EMI Calculator?

    Education is like a one-shot investment that is bound to give you handsome returns in the long run. This is why most people would like go beyond their usual financial capabilities and spend heavily on good quality education. The role of education loan is very important here as it helps potential students to pursue their higher education with ease. Now, most people would not like to crack their brains over multiple loan options with varying parameters. They go for the first option that seems feasible to them. But with Money9’s Education Loan Calculator, one can easily compare and calculate the monthly EMIs and repayment amount of different loan options at their disposal. You need to enter the principal amount, loan tenure and rate of interest being offered on the digital tool and the estimated EMI structure will be presented to you in no time. You can now make comparisons and choose a plan according to your financial capacity.

  • Why should I use Education Loan EMI Calculator?

    Using Money9 Education Loan Calculator comes with a series of benefits but the most important being quick results in less time. Manual calculation of EMIs and repayment amount for each loan proposal can take away hours. When you have a digital tool to help you with this, it only makes sense to make use of it. Secondly, the loan calculator also allows you to use varying combination of interest rate, tenure and principal amount to see what values suit your financial portfolio the best. Thirdly, its free to use! That’s probably the best part about Money9 Education Loan Calculator. It asks for simple inputs, allows you to play with the combinations and gives results in a span of few seconds. So if you’re planning to get an education loan, this tool can be vital in choosing the perfect loan option for a safe future.

  • Factors that affect Education Loan EMI?

    An education loan is a necessity in today’s day and age. The inflation rate in addition to other social-economic factors have massively contributed to the rising cost of higher education in India and abroad. In such scenarios, most people opt for education loans to enrol for courses out of their financial budget. These loans cover the course fee, accommodation charges and other miscellaneous expenses. Several factors come in to the picture while choosing an education loan. This includes academic record of the student, course you pursue, collateral provided, personal income and credit history among others. Meanwhile the EMI calculation depends on the principal amount, tenure, and the rate of interest. A change in either of these three impact the final EMI chargeable each month. The repayment amount also changes if either of these figures are altered.

  • What is Education Loan Amortization Schedule?

    An education loan amortization schedule is like a planned account/table of the loan using several parameters like loan amount, interest rate, loan tenure, etc which can an impact loan borrowing and repayment. This schedule gives a fair idea of how the loan would eventually progress in the set tenure. It also includes EMIs to be paid on a monthly basis. If you ever apply for an education loan that exceeds your repayment capacity, you might end up with a huge debt. To avoid such consequences, one must review their loan EMI through an amortization schedule/EMI calculator. Its a complete blue print of what your loan structure is going to look like until complete repayment of debt.

  • Why choose Money9's Education Loan Calculators?

    Getting enrolled at your dream university to study the course you've worked so hard to get admission to is nothing short of pure bliss. Nor should you ever compromise with your dreams and neither should it become a burden for you. You may want to borrow a huge sum of money in the form of an education loan to finance your dreams of studying abroad or pursuing an MBA from the top colleges in India. While opting for a loan is not bad, there is a definite pressure of timely repayment and thus people always look for best deals while applying for these loans. Thorough research is very important and so is scanning your financials to understand your repaying capacity. Each bank or non-bank institution offers different interest rates when it comes to offering education loans. Money9 as a platform seeks to provide you with information in a simple and easy format that will help you to financially grow and at the same time ensure you do not get bamboozled by the jargons or technical terms related to taking loans from banks. The Money9 Education Loan Calculator will help you assess the rates that best suit you and help you choose the right bank with the interest loan that fits your pocket. Its a quick, accurate and smart way to prepare your financial strategy before signing the dotted line for any education loan.

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